Who We Are

AJL was founded in 1995 to provide free health care to the rural poor in the United States and Jamaica. In 1999, the foundation expanded its services to include free medical, educational, and spiritual support to the poor in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda as well. Our management team consists of a board of directors. AJL is not a membership organization; services and activities are provided and carried out by people who are willing to give back to the community and share our vision.,

Vision Statement

AJL strives to empower poor rural communities to become more healthy and self-reliant. Through education, medical, spiritual, and social services; we help to train healthcare aides, teacher's assistants, office technologists, clergies, medical & public health students and sponsor capital projects. Our train-the-trainer approach reflects our commitment for each community to be a part of its own destiny. Our caring Doctors, Counselors, Educators, Ministers, and friends are committed to fighting poverty and social injustice. We benefit from our cultural diversity, and encourage effective servant-leaders to make the global community a healthier, wiser, more compassionate place to be.

Foundation Objectives

Health Care

AJL medical volunteers provide regular home visits and assistance to the poor in their local communities. Depending on resources, there are yearly missions to Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda. On these missions, the AJL medical teams provide free treatment to patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, infections, HIV/AID, and other illnesses.


AJL offers vocational training for area residents so that they may become more self-reliant. Training programs include, but are not limited to: medical assistants, entry level draftsman, aide, carpentry, office assistant, and adult literacy program.


AJL's enrichment program provides materials to help build schools, clinics, and churches in poor rural communities; supplies materials to those individuals with an established trade, enabling them to effectively support their families; and facilitates nutritional and spiritual counseling in the communities that they serve.


AJL’s Spiritual department is designed to ensure we effectively minister to the communities we serve through the love of God and knowledge of Christ. Our team of pastors, evangelists, missionaries, ministers and other volunteers lead community outreach programs, teach vacation Bibles school, lead worship services and more. We also provide ministerial training opportunities for all those interested in learning.

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